Gwinnett property assessments in the mail

Gwinnett County property owners will get the official assessment of their property’s value soon. Chief Appraiser Steve Pruitt said the County mailed approximately 257,000 residential and 14,000 commercial annual notices of current assessment on April 6, 2012.

Property owners have 45 days from the date of the notice to file an appeal by using the statewide uniform appeal form (PT311A). The deadline for appeals is May 21.

Overall, approximately 80,000 of the residential notices will show a decrease in value, with an average decrease of 22 percent. The sum of these downward adjustments total $2.5 billion of residential market value. The general review of commercial properties resulted in more than 300 properties receiving increases in value totaling almost $625 million in market value. New property growth, fairly equally split between residential and commercial property, totaled approximately $400 million in market value.

The County planned for an 8.3 percent decrease to equal$2.1 billion of taxable value for both residential and commercial property when the 2012 budget was adopted. Officials remain cautiously optimistic that this projection will align with the actual results of these residential adjustments, plus any additional changes occurring from residential and commercial appeals. Every drop in assessed value reduces the homeowner’s property tax bill, but also reduces the amount of property tax revenue available to fund County operations.

People who choose to appeal may submit appeals by U.S. mail or in person. Appeal information, interactive appeal forms and FAQs are located on the Tax Assessor’s website at Taxpayers also can track the status of their appeal online this year.

The Tax Assessor’s Office is prepared to answer questions about the notices or the appeal process through email, by phone at 770-822-7200 or in person at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center in Lawrenceville.

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